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'Who Am I', written and directed by  Kenyan-born Adhel Arop, shares the poignant story of her upbringing, the complex relationship with her mother and the impact of finding out she was a former Sudanese child soldier.
As a minority at school, Adhel questioned her sense of belonging for a long time, but soon found her path in art, using this to express herself in various capacities. She loved taking photographs, being the subject of them as a model, writing poetry and directing film." -Avneet Takhar



"Upon arriving I was introduced to our hostess for the evening Adhel Arop. Adhel is a striking tall slender black model with a smile that lights up the room. First impressions are often formed by what we see, and in this case a great first impression was followed by even stronger second impression. Adhel Arop is a talented, expressive and soulful young artist.
"Who Am I " is a documentary film created by Adhel Arop. Since the time Adhel won the Telus Story Hive grant in 2018 she has worked tirelessly to produce her documentary "Who Am I". -Andrew Jackson


My family is one of millions of Sudanese people who have fled due to war, my mother is the first of her clan to join the Sudanese People Liberation Army (SPLA)
this story is about how her strength has been a tool I use to guide me in to guide me in this world, I have felt lost for years and while searching for myself I found my mother and the incredible stories that have followed us into our new life in Canada to read more about our story click the link below



Top 10 People Who made the world a better place 2018.

#6 Adhel And Amel
To make a short documentary film chronicling her quest for her own identity against the background of her mother’s story. Her mom, Amel, was a teenage soldier in the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army and survived years in war and in refugee camps before bringing the family to safety in Canada 17 years ago. The two shared their story with the NOW in the hopes of helping to give a voice to other refugee and newcomer families who are facing the challenge of creating a new life in a land far from home.


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